Over the past few weeks several CBE students have received awards related to their academic pursuits:

Andrew Steffan and Thomas Pulliam were named to the Golden Chain Society (top 12 NC State graduating seniors).

Undergraduate Ryan Fox received a first place award for his poster "Characterizing Scale Up and Shear Geometry of Batch Rotor-Stator Mixers" at the 2015 AIChE Southern Student Regional Conference at the University of South Florida. The poster was based on his co-op work at Stiefel, a GlaxoSmithKline company.

Three students received Outstanding Poster Awards at this year's Undergraduate Research Symposium. Olivia Gordon (mentored by Dr. Dickey) for her poster, "Vacuum Filling of EGaIn in Microfluidic PDMS Channels," Steven Plante (mentored by Dr. Spontak) for his poster, "Incorporation of an Ionic Liquid into a Sulfonated Block Copolymer," and John Ritter (mentored by Dr. Flickinger) for his poster, "Process intensification of CO consumption by C. ljungdahlii in a low power input biocomposite gas absorber," received the awards.

Graduate student Kenny Mineart was selected to receive the 2015 Chemical Engineering Division Future Faculty Award from the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE). Kenny also received the Deep Science Award at the 2015 Milliken Graduate Research Symposium. The Deep Science Award is given to the speaker whose work is voted by their peers to be the best amongst the speakers.

Congratulations to all these students for your outstanding achievements!