bharti-velev-nano-bridgesDr. Bhuvnesh Bharti's image of nanoparticle filaments based on capillary bridging was featured on the National Science Foundation (NSF) social media page and was chosen as picture of the day on Science360. The image was also used for months as a banner on the NSF Twitter page.

Dr. Bharti drew the image for a 2015 paper in Nature Materials, "Nanocapillarity-mediated magnetic assembly of nanoparticles into ultraflexible filaments and reconfigurable networks."  Results in the paper show that magnetic nanoparticles encased in oily liquid shells can bind together in water, much like sand particles mixed with the right amount of water can form sandcastles. The nanoparticles can then be used to build nano-robots with flexible joints or to make magnetically self-healing gels.

Dr. Bharti is a research faculty member in Dr. Orlin Velev's research group.

Congratulations Dr. Bharti!