August 2015 - Anqi Qi, a visiting researcher from Xiamen Univ rides with Junjie and Parsons to her end-of-program celebratrion luncheon. Good luck Anqi and we hope to see you again!

March 2015 - Some of the group at our Graduate Recruiting event

Paul with his MLD reactor

Sunrise over the Engineering quad

Parsons research group studies chemical reactions on surfaces, with focus on thin film formation by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). We work to expand understanding of ALD, and explore new application areas. Current areas of interest are:

  • Fundamental reactions during ALD and related processes, including Molecular Layer Deposition (MLD) and Sequential Vapor Infiltration (SVI).
  • Process scaling and transition to Spatial ALD.
  • Film nucleation and substrate selectivity.
  • ALD on natural and synthetic polymers and fibers.
  • Integration of ALD with Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs).
  • ALD coatings for energy storage and generation, including supercapacitors, photovolatics and photoelectrochemical systems.

Our research is sponsored by several federal agencies, including the National Science Foundation and the US Dept of Defense, as well as a number of private corporations. We work closely with VaporPulse Technologies as a small business partner to evaluate commercial applications for our work. Read more about the basics of ALD, learn about our current research projects, and see links to recent studies using the "Research" tab above.

Group Publications: Web of Science