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Dr. Velev is NC State Innovator of the Year

October 26, 2011

INVISTA Professor Orlin Velev has been selected by the NC State Office of Technologyvelev Transfer to receive the 2011 Innovator of the Year award. In addition to this University honor, his record of creative innovation has been internationally recognized and spans a wide range of areas, including nanomaterials synthesis, on-chip liquids manipulation, and advanced materials for high technology.

The recent achievement for which Professor Velev was nominated is a series of inventions related to the discovery, development, and scale up of a revolutionary shear nanospinning method for the fabrication of polymer microrods and nanofibers. Thus far, the work in Velev's Research Group has resulted in one US patent, two patent applications, and the launch in 2010 of Xanofi, a local high-technology startup company.

Xanofi is developing new processes for making nanofibers by the nanospinning process nanofiber2 invented by Velev and his collaborators. Their nanofibers have applications in a variety of areas including new biomedical products, filters for clean water and air, improved LED light sources and better rechargeable batteries.

Since joining NC State in 2001, Dr. Velev has submitted 14 invention disclosures, which have resulted in 2 patents, 3 full or provisional patent application filings, with 2 further key patent application filings planned for the near future.

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