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bullet Camille Dreyfus Distinguished University Professor

B.A. Physics, Cornell University (1967)
M.A. Physics, Stony Brook University (1969)
Ph.D. Physics, Stony Brook University (1972)
hall (@ncsu.edu)
919-515-3571 (phone)
919-515-3465 (fax)
Engineering Building I (EB1) - 2024 (office)
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Focus Areas
Molecular Simulations of Biomolecule and Soft Material Self Assembly. Peptide Design Algorithms.

Current Projects
Carol Hall's research is driven by her fascination with molecules of interesting architectures and energetics, and by her desire to understand how these molecular features combine to yield complex mesoscopic or macroscopic features. Her primary tools in this effort are statistical thermodynamics, which allows estimation of thermophysical properties from knowledge of intermolecular forces, and computer simulation, which permits the visualization of systems on a molecular level. These techniques are used to model the self assembly of soft materials including polymers, colloids, and surfactants, proteins whose aggregation is implicated in Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases, and other biomolecules.

Hall's first major area of research is "soft" materials, such as polymers, colloids, and surfactants. Soft materials are of interest because they spontaneously self-organize into mesoscopic physical structures, which can then be exploited for nanotechnology applications. In the polymers area, she and colleague Jan Genzer are investigating protein-like copolymers, a new type of functional material with potential applications as adhesion promoters, drug delivery devices, and nano-reactors. In the colloids area, she, colleague Orlin Velev and other members of the NSF-sponsored Research Triangle Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) are exploring the self assembly, crystallization and/or gelation of systems of multi-polar colloid particles in electric and magnetic fields so as to guide the discovery of advanced materials. She and her students are collaborating with Stavroula Sofou at Rutgers University on a project aimed at designing responsive, multi-functional liposomes for delivery of cancer drugs. Finally she is working with Vijay John from Tulane University to design hydrophobically modified chitosan molecules for use as dispersants or stabilizers in oil spills.

A second major area of research is protein aggregation. Protein aggregation is associated with a number of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and the prion diseases. She and her students are using computer simulation to investigate the formation of ordered protein aggregates, called fibrils, which are invariably found in the brains of disease victims. A coarse-grained protein folding model, PRIME20, developed in the Hall lab enables simulation of the spontaneous fibrillation of specific amyloidogenic peptides, including beta amyloid, the Alzheimer's peptide.

A new area of research is computational protein design. Along with collaborator Paul Agris, Director of the RNA Institute at Albany University, she is designing a novel algorithm aimed at identifying peptides that might be able to interfere with replication of the HIV virus. Thus far they have designed a peptide that binds selectivity to the anticodon loop of tRNALys3, which has two non-natural nucleotides. These peptides were synthesized and tested in the Agris lab, and found to bind selectively to the RNA in question-a patent application is pending.

Honors & Awards
bullet 2015 AIChE Founders Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Chemical Engineering
bullet 2015 Foundations of Molecular Modeling and Simulation (FOMMS) Medal
bullet 2012 Cockrell School of Engineering Lecturer, University of Texas at Austin
bullet 2011 Janice Lumpkin Memorial Lecturer, University Maryland Baltimore County
bullet 2011 Reilly Lecturer, University of Notre Dame
bullet 2011 Artie McFerrin Lecturer, Texas A & M University
bullet 2010 Inaugural Centennial Lecturer, University of Alabama
bullet 2010 Joe Mauk Smith Lecturer, University of California Davis
bullet 2010 Academy of Chemical Engineers Lecturer, Missouri Institute of Technology
bullet 2010 Donald Katz Lecturer, University of Michigan
bullet 2009 Alumni Lecturer, University of Massachusetts
bullet 2009 Elected to the AIChE Board of Directors
bullet 2009 Kelly Lectures at Purdue University
bullet 2009 Lacey Lectures in Chemical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology
bullet 2008 "One Hundred Engineers of the Modern Era" - American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
bullet 2008 William G. Lowrie Distinguished Lecturer, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Ohio State University
bullet 2008 John C., and Florence W. Holtz Lecturer, Chemical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University
bullet 2008 Inaugural Schlumberger Lecturer, Chemical Engineering Department, University of Alberta
bullet 2008 Julian C. Smith Lecturer, Chemical Engineering, Cornell University
bullet 2007 Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS)
bullet 2007 Inaugural William Flowers Hand Lecturer, Chemical Engineering, Mississippi State University
bullet 2007 TW Leland, Jr. Lecturer in Chemical Engineering, Rice University
bullet 2007 AIChE Institute Lecturer
bullet 2007 Keynote Speaker, 28th ChEGSA Symposium, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh
bullet 2006 Camille Dreyfus Distinguished University Professor
bullet 2006 Richard H. Wilhelm Lectureship in Chemical Engineering, Princeton University
bullet 2005 Area 1A Keynote Lecture, AIChE Annual Meeting
bullet 2005 Elected to National Academy of Engineering
bullet 2004 RJ Reynolds Tobacco Award for Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Extension
bullet 2003 Keynote Lecturer, International Symposium on Molecular Thermodynamics & Molecular Simulations (MTMS '02), Sendai, Japan
bullet 2002 Grace Hopper Lecturer, Chemical Engineering Department University of Pennsylvania
bullet 2001 Elected a Fellow of the AIChE
bullet 2000 Appointed to Fluid Phase Equilibria Editorial Board
bullet 2000 Robert J. Adler Memorial Lecturer, Chemical Engineering Department, Case Western Reserve University
bullet 2000 Texas Distinguished Faculty Lecturer
bullet 1999 Plenary Lecturer, Annual Meeting of Dutch Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Programs
bullet 1999 Merck, Sharpe and Dohme Lecturer, Chemical Engineering Department, University of Puerto Rico
bullet 1998 Alumni Association Distinguished Graduate Professor Award