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Faculty - Fanxing Li

Fanxing Li photo
bullet Associate Professor

B.S. Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University (2001)
M.S. Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University (2004)
Ph.D. The Ohio State University (2009)
fli5 (@ncsu.edu)
919-515-7328 (phone)
919-515-3465 (fax)
Engineering Building I (EB1) - 2038
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Focus Areas
Energy and Environmental Engineering, Particle Technology, Biomass and Fossil Energy Conversion, CO2 Capture

Research Interest
Dr. Li's research interests include energy and environmental engineering and particle technology. His research focuses on the design, synthesis, and characterization of nano catalyst and reagent particles for biomass and fossil energy conversions, green liquid fuel synthesis, CO2 capture, and pollutant control. The research also encompasses chemical reaction engineering and process synthesis and optimization. Density Functional Theory (DFT) based methods are also used to elucidate the particle reaction mechanisms and to identify potential ways to improve particle performance.

Honors & Awards
bullet 2015 SABIC Young Professional Award from the AIChE Particle Technology Forum
bullet 2015 Sigma Xi Research Award
bullet 2013 National Science Foundation CAREER Award
bullet 2010 Best PhD in Particle Technology Award, Particle Technology Forum of AIChE
bullet 2010 Young Researcher Award, International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering (ISCRE)
bullet 2010 American Institute of Chemist (AIC) Award for Outstanding Postdoctoral Researchers