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Faculty - Gregory Parsons

Gregory Parsons photo
bullet Alcoa Professor
bullet Director, NC State Nanotechnology Initiative

B.S. (B.A.) Physics, SUNY College at Geneseo (1980)
Ph.D. Physics, North Carolina State University (1990)
gnp (@ncsu.edu)
919-515-7553 (phone)
919-515-3465 (fax)
Engineering Building I (EB1) - 2032 (office)
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Focus Areas
Atomic Scale Processes in Electronic Materials Synthesis. Semiconductor/Insulator Interfaces. Physics of Thin Film Devices.

Current Projects
Over the past several years, the field of electronic materials has expanded to include electronically active molecules, polymers, nanowires, nanotubes, and biological structures. Also, new fabrication techniques require control of chemical processes that occur at the atomic scale, especially at exposed surfaces or critical interfaces between materials.   These new materials and  processes are creating a wide range of new device options with applications in areas including energy conversion, biological sensors, light generation, and environmental and health monitoring.

Our research focuses on fundamental aspects of fabrication and function of advanced electronically active materials.  Particular areas of interest include:

  bullet Atomic Layer Deposition, for highly confromal fabrication of inorganic insulators and metals with atomic-scale control of growth and interface formation
  bullet Molecular Electronics, to better understand charge motion and electrical contacts to molecular ensembles and single molecules
  bullet Nanotube Structures, including synthesis, assembly, electrical characterization, and reactions involving carbon nanotubes
  bullet Low Temperature Processing, including supercritical-solvent and plasma processes to enable novel electronic devices on plastic substrates
  bullet Bio-Mimetic Molecular Photovoltaics, using porphyrin materials to help enable low cost high performance energy generation.

Honors & Awards
bullet 2016 Inaugural member of the NC State University Research Leadership Academy
bullet 2014 R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company Award for Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Extension
bullet 2012 Visiting RTI Senior Fellow, Research Triangle Institute, RTP NC
bullet 2009 Alcoa Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
bullet 2009 Outstanding Teacher Award - member of the Academy of Outstanding Teachers at NC State University
bullet 2008 Alcoa Foundation Distinguished Engineering Research Award
bullet 2006 Fellow of the American Vacuum Society
bullet 2001 SRC Invention Award
bullet 1999 Alcoa Foundation Engineering Research Achievement Award